"I come from a proud family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. We need to create more jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety a priority, specifically equipped to deal with new rising issues. With over a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."

I believe that we have politicized Education to the point where the future generation is losing out while we debate non issues and point the finger at each other. Education must be priority, it must take precedent. It will require Republicans, Democrats and Independents to formulate the best possible outcome. This is after all a nonpartisan issue. I also believe that we should constantly evaluate the state of our educational system and compare it with other leading nations. 


The topic Diversity means different things for different people. San Diego generally has seen healthy levels of Diversity. It's important that we make honest distinctions when speaking about this topic to fully understand it given the current influx of Refugees to our region. As an expert on immigration I spend many hours lecturing on the topic of Diversity generally and the difference between Immigrants and Refugees specifically. 


We only have one earth and it's our responsibility to look after the environment. Every regulation that I support must be overwhelmingly backed by the scientific community. I am interested in measures which are approved by leading experts in a given field and not politics. For this reason, I will be an independent voice of pragmatism with respect to the regional Environmental impacts. 


Protecting home values and neighborhood safety was one of the promises I made when elected. Understanding that the dynamics of a region can be multilayered. A neighborhood can have Million Dollar homes while a 5 minute drive down the street could have low income homes. Realizing the need for certain designated parts where lower income housing must be integrated into the master plan is a compromise. A good Community Housing Plan must include the participation of all residents. A community must also be aware of current and future developments. 

Public Safety 

The men and women in uniform protecting and patrolling our streets daily deserve public support. As a part of my Public Safety Initiative, I was instrumental on leading the way to include Body Cameras to Officers in your neighborhood. This would serve a dual purpose, both the safety of the officer as well as the safety of our citizens. 


As a student of Economics and President of the Chamber of Commerce I understand what it takes to attract businesses to our region. The most important question to ask is, "Will it translate to more jobs?" As an entrepreneur and as someone who has created hundreds of jobs I can tell you that the Business Community plays a vital role in any region. The status of any business market is an economic indicator.