New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Being on the City Council is a responsibility I value greatly. I've always believed that local politics effects our lives more then State or even National. The decisions I've made have a direct effect on your safety, wallet and quality of life. It is for that reason that I entered politics. The desire to raise the standard of living for my community is to me the ultimate achievement a man can make. What better legacy to leave behind than the one of a person who comes into power and leaves a place more wonderful then he found it. What better way to honor a man's friends, neighbors and family than to ensure that their home is safer, that their children are getting a better education and that jobs are abundant. I chose the life of service because I was good at serving. Actually I was great at it. I saw things through the lens of pragmatism and simple common sense. I don't waste time meddling around with Politics. Instead, I spend hours a day on results. My hope is that you will notice positive changes in our city. And when you are driving, walking or biking through El Cajon, you will notice the many real changes I've made. I see a lot of potential in this city. I've met wonderful, passionate people along the way. I've been lucky to have been seated in my private life next to business leaders who understand the dynamics of commerce and economy. All these things I take with me. All the people I encounter are my teachers in this journey, whether they know it or not. Let it be known that I want to be as accessible as possible to my constituents. Feel free to contact me anytime you like. 

Your obedient Servant.

B. Kal